Boost your business processes with seamless Tax Calculation provided by the XIDT Sage 500 Connector.The XIDT Connector for Sage 500 bt XtreamIT People Inc.connects with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax Engine to offer seamless and accurate use tax calculation by integrating the Sage 500 ERP 2014 with the ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax Engine.


The XIDT Connector for Sage 500 by Xtream IT People Inc. connects with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect solution to offer seamless and accurate sales tax calculation by integrating Determination tax engine.Target Customer: Companies based out of USA and Canada that conduct businesses in multiple states.In addition to standard to standard sales tax and organizational structures.Cost: Annual pricing model based on transactional pricing scalable to the size of your customer.


Eight out of 10 companies still use manual processes to manage sales and use tax compliance,costing,on average,$327,000 per year. These costs are based on person_intensive processes, errors ,penalties and audits, diverted capital and customized host systems.Additionally,most ERP systems lack an automated sales tax option right out of the box,leaving staff to manually manage indirect tax calculation and reporting.The XIDT Connector for Sage 500 allows the customer to accurately calculate sales tax from within the ERP itself leveraging the ONESOURCE tax engine.

Sales Tax Calculation

Real time sales tax calculation for transactions done in USA and Canada.

Address Validation

Validate your addresses
on a single button click
to get the accurate
address to be used in
sales tax calculation.

Product Taxability

Specific taxability codes
can be mapped to your
inventory products and

Supported Process

XIDT Connector is
compatible with Sales Order,
Accounts Receivable and


implementation team.

Seamlessly integrates into the
Sage 500 ERP and gives the
user accurate sales tax calculation.

View both State and
Bucket Level of detail in the
calculated Sales Tax

Strong in financial,
distribution and manufacturing

Easy to use and
highly customizable

Desktop deployment



Do you need to calculate sale tax?

Do you sell both products and services?

Does your company have multiple locations?

Do you conduct business in USA/Canada?

Does your company manufacture products?

Does your company manually calculate tax or review

invoices to verify accuracy?

Do you utilize the Reconciliation Report in Project


If your customer would like to see specific functionality,

Contact the sales team to coordinate a live demo.

Indirect Tax using ONESOURCE | idt@xtreamit.com